11th International Conference in Methodologies and Intelligent Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning

Salamanca (Spain) | 6th-8th October, 2021 | www.mis4tel-conference.net

Education is the cornerstone of any society and it serves as one of the foundations for many of its social values and characteristics. State-of-the-art and novel methodologies and technologies allow researchers, designers, and domain experts to pursue Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) solutions targeting not only cognitive processes but also motivational, personality or emotional factors. Nowadays, we can identify two main legs, providing necessary and complementary strengths to a TEL oriented design process: appropriate technologies should be applied, and appropriate methods should guide such application. Technologies in TEL are capable of delivering smart, personalized, tailored, and motivating learning solutions. Methods are coming from different fields, such as education psychology, medicine, computer science, and from diverse communities, where collaboration and co-working is used, such as maker communities and participatory design communities. In addition, Learning Analytics can help manage available (big) data and allow to augment learning opportunities for learners and educators alike, for instance by supporting self-regulated learning or adaptation of the learning material.

As to these topics, the annual appointment of MIS4TEL established itself as a consolidated fertile forum where scholars and professionals from the international community, with a broad range of expertise in the TEL field, share results and compare experiences. The 10th edition of the conference calls for novel research in TEL and expands the topics of the previous editions, highlighting the role of the most recent methods and technological opportunities (ranging from Artificial Intelligence and agent-based systems to Robotics, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and wearable solutions, among others) and looking for papers discussing how they can be employed to create novel approaches to TEL, innovative TEL solutions and valuable TEL experiences. As in the tradition of MIS4TEL, this edition aims at offering the different perspectives, and complementary voices, coming from the multidisciplinary field of TEL (e.g., engineering, computer science, education, medicine) from this multidisciplinary field.

MIS4TEL 2021 will be held in Salamanca (Spain) on October 6th-8th, 2021, in parallel with the PAAMS'21 International Conference.

Proceedings of MIS4TEL 2020 are available:

Methodologies and Intelligent Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning

10th International Conference (MIS4TEL 2020)

Editors: Pierpaolo Vittorini, Tania Di Mascio, Laura Tarantino, Marco Temperini, Rosella Gennari, Fernando De la Prieta

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Methodologies and Intelligent Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning

Workshops - 10th International Conference (MIS4TEL 2020)

Editors: Zuzana Kubincová, Loreto Lancia, Elvira Popescu, Minoru Nakayama, Vittorio Scarano, Ana B. Gil

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Special Issues


MIS4TEL'20 awards


“Lessons Clustering Using Topics Inferred by Unsupervised Modeling from Textbooks” by Matías Altamirano, Abelino Jiménez and Roberto Araya


“Designing IVR Serious Games for People with ASD: An Innovative Approach” by Federica Caruso, and Tania Di Mascio

“Improved feedback in automated grading of data science assignments” by Alessandra Galassi, and Pierpaolo Vittorini

“Smart Object Design by Children as Protagonists” by Eftychia Roumelioti